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  1. i have a coffee maker at home and instead of filling the water reservoir with regular tap water i put coconut water in it. then after i brew it, i blend in a tablespoon of butter until it melts, pour it over ice, add sugar and cream.

  2. I like to add unsalted butter some milk and cocoa powder and some sugar and powder milk :3

  3. every one has to agree the best coffee is:coffee flavored ice cream don't judge me it still is coffee doe…

  4. Black like my pathetic disgusting soul

    Jk I don't have time to put anything in it pls don't fight me

  5. I'm not from Austria. But I often make my coffee like Austria one. It's famous around here tho, Idk why.
    The difference is, I use sugar instead of honey. Then I add some squeezed lemon on top of it.

  6. im from Greece and our coffee is soooooo easy to make you can even use a spoon to mix up you

  7. The only one that still resembled coffee is the Italian one, and even still the most sold type is plain espresso, with or without sugar (that's more to the taste of the client). "Marocchino" is only one of many "special" coffees that are more of a novelty than commonplace beverages in our culture.