"AI" Of the human species

“AI”… of the human kind!

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

You may recall a publication several years ago describing our growing dependence on machines, devices and “AI”. On several occasions I have tried to bring awareness to this phenomenon of the ability of artificial intelligence to create and/or recreate itself… over and over again. What was once a ‘sci-fi’ story has been brought to life as scientific fact.

The article, “Device Machine Dependent,” describes cases and descriptions in which robots or robotics are designed to mimic the actions, abilities, and appearance(s) of humanity… “Human-like”; “The image of his maker!”

How many times have you been in your car and engaged in an argument or argumentative interaction with your ‘GPS’ or “on-board interface?” Come on now… didn’t you get mad and scream at the device when the voice behind it screwed you up or got you wrong? Of course you are.

Selene Yeager, the author, spoke about a PhD student at Stanford University who specializes in human-technology interaction.

“We (people) are confused and angry because we don’t know what ‘GPS’ means,” says David Miller.

However, this author (yours truly) is and has been guilty of that type of behavior. I remember typing in the direction (when that wasn’t satisfactory, I tried turning on the voice command option), the damn thing told me; instructed me to take the highway and get out… I followed suit. When I realized that the directions were completely wrong – the cursed voice put us on the “Highway to Hell!”

We traveled sixty miles outside and beyond our planned destination of “Pocono Mountain”.

Well, I’m here to tell you, for a moment (Oh, like many) I went crazy and started screaming out loud inside the ‘GPS system.’ Miller went on to say, “In the future, when GPS is giving you directions, it could give you a rationale, so you’ll have a better two-way relationship.”

… Yeah, right. I am happy when and if the thing leads me to my unknown destination(s)… the right way! I don’t want to be too hard on the device… it’s a pretty good little tool when it works as expected.

“A Bite Of The Apple” addressed the ‘IT’ community about the big questions surrounding Apple’s stance on “secretive and proprietary practices” in the tech world; hardware and software – especially its hardware products. Apple’s ‘IT’ decision makers represent an ergonomic flaw that reveals a preference. They said the form is “Apple-like” in relation to function, ie. that the iMAC connectors on the back of their machines are designed and/or decided with anal retention.

Their ‘IT’ management team describes one possible meaning of “anal retention”. It is the point on the curve where the curvature changes from convex to concave or vice versa. It can also be called “bend point” or “bend point”. Apple management says that its proprietary devices give more effect to marketing to business customers. Apples devices are making their way into the company because ‘IT’ managers like them, not users.

The ‘end user’ report highlights this fact, suggesting that the products are equally good and great in terms of ease of use, design and reliability. Does anyone remember the definition of cloning?

Many of us have computers in our homes today. And many others feel they are and believe they are one step ahead as they use home robots like “Alexa” or IBM’s “Watson” and countless cloned devices that clean, monitor and coordinate their daily lives or lifestyles.

Where is your cell phone?

It used to be a desktop computer that was the central ‘Internet’ connection. Then it was ‘Laptop’. The “Tablet” is still popular these days, but the “Smart-Phone” trumps them all. All you have to do is simply look around… Look and see how many people walk, run, ride, drive and fly… depend on these continuous devices to sustain their existence and their very lives. this planet.

Not too long ago, a vicious computer virus took control of about 400,00 computers in more than 160 countries in one of the worst international cyber attacks and computer infections.

The virus has blocked all access to programs, files, hosts and networks unless the computer’s owner(s) pay a ransom. Outstanding funds can only be paid out via “Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin is an online currency that is almost impossible to trace. Bitcoin currency is traded to purchase “ransom keys”. Often victims have paid money only to not get the key to unlock their computer (or) system, losing both money and their data.

This incident should serve as a major wake-up call to users with much encouragement of the procedure(s) that must be performed on the computers and Internet devices they care for or use to prevent viruses, botnets, web browsers, malware, worms, etc.

I certainly agree with the author, Doug Shadel, in suggesting that users/owners regularly back up your important files to an external drive or remote storage service; that your web browser has a pop-up blocker running at all times; immediately leave websites to which you were redirected without your consent; use a reputable antivirus program – keep it up-to-date at all times; make sure your software (and anti-virus software) is up to date; do not click on links or open attachments from email addresses you do not know; and buy only legitimate software – and register it.

Remember the scene in Star Wars where the bar tender yells at ‘Luke Skywalker’ to kick his droids out of his establishment?

That scene is the result of human prejudice against machines or robots. The auto industry and workforce in Detroit, Michigan is almost entirely equipped with robots (or robotics). Robots perform major surgeries on both humans and animals. Robots prepare food, package and ship items, drive cars, and diagnose human illnesses and diseases. Robots answer phones and redirect calls. Robots call you on your phones, remind you about overdue bills, appointments, prescription pickups, and try to sell you goods and other services. Robots build bridges, buildings and homes. Robots do almost anything and everything that a human being or an animal can and has done. Ask yourself… how many jobs have been lost and lost to robots?

“Many companies use sentiment analysis to gauge the mood of social media and/or the web… but gaining insight requires new tactics and skills,” said Techweb’s Doug Henschen.

“New tactics and skill sets are definitely needed to get a foothold in the new world of IT, BI, communications and analytics.” This conclusion was postulated in the published article “Destruction and creation – hyperbole of new jobs.” No one can deny the massive and sweeping changes that have taken place in the ‘new world economy’ of this century. What will happen in the centuries to come – will we be “Star Trek-Like?” How about a world and a future like that of “Logan’s Run?” Will robots become the new judges, lawyers, congressional appointees, senators or presidents? Those of us who are aware, interested and/or motivated to continue mankind’s reign over machines must become masters of both sides of IT/BI.

AI: Artificial intelligence… is contrasted with natural (human/animal) intelligence… the ability of computers or robots to do what humans or animals usually or habitually do – with intelligence or intelligent abilities. ability to think.

How long will it be before humans (mankind) are completely outwitted by “AI” – becoming completely and utterly our replacements as opposed to being our servants of old?

“How long? Not long!”

Doesn’t this argument make you wonder…

“AI”… of the human kind?

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Until next time…